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Two balloons !

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

We were lounging in bed of a Saturday morning. No alarm clock set. Bill even decided to blow off his plan to swim, when we heard the unmistakable …. WHUUUUUUU of a hot air balloon.

Well, we had to dash out of bed and hop in the car to get this photo of the balloon over the south yard of Brewer’s Boat Yard. What a fabulous morning!

On our way back home we watched another balloon prepare for launch. Very interesting. And such a gorgeous morning.

I love watching balloon ascensions. But I’m not so sure I’d want to be the one in the basket. LOL

Found ANOTHER new dentist

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Will see him on Tuesday.
Contemplating going to first new dentist and asking for my x-ray.
Is that bad?

Awww. Nuts!

Friday, September 29th, 2006

While we were on vacation I broke off a piece of my back tooth. There is a BIG filling in that tooth and not too much enamal was there holding it in. Now there is a big filling showing. Fortunately it didn’t cause any pain the week of vacation ( except for a tired tounge… going to that tooth over and over again!)
I called my dentist when we got back from our travels. His office is in North Smithfield. ( The drive has been starting to wear me down.) Dr. Peloquin is out of the office because he hurt his knee mountian climbing and after surgery, can’t bend it for a while…
Now, I’ve been going to him for, probably, 30 years. Clearly I didn’t really want to find a new dentist but he was out and they offered to set me up with another dentist in thier office, BUT if I’m going to see someone new, why travel 45 minutes when there are probably 100 or so closer than that!
At Mom’s b-day party I think a bit more of the tooth broke off. Now it is starting to give me a bit of discomfort.
I asked around at my office about a dentist and a patient recomended his friend. The guy only works on Thursdays. This seemed ok as I have Thursdays off.
I called and set up an appointment for today.
They called yesterday and said that this new dentist wasn’t feeling well and would not be in.
I returned their call this morning. I was going to look around for someone else. The receptionist talked me into coming in and seeing the other dentist in the office.
He was nice and it was nice that they squeezed me in.
When I went to pay, the receptionist said that this guy doesn’t participate with my insurance! the first guy( the sick guy) does, but the guy I saw doesn’t.
Sigh. I have an appointment with the second guy to do the crown required to end my discomfort but he doesn’t participate with my insurance.
Their office charges $1,110.00 for a crown and to build up the tooth. Man alive!
back to the phone, I guess. I’ll be the woman with the towel tied around her head holding her painful jaw in place. ! ! ! ! !
Did I mention bugger snots?

My Mom is 88 !

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Mom just celebrated her eighty-eighth birthday.
What a good time we had.
Kim had revived an old fondu pot and had to give it a go! She made cheese fondu and dipped bread, and peperoni. It was a big hit!

Later, she made a chocolate sauce and dipped marshmellows, cookies, strawberries and bananas. Another big hit!

Between fondus, roast pork dinner, cake and ice cream we were pretty ‘fat and happy’.

We had fun playing crazy eights in honor of the birthday girl.
All in all — Fabulous party. 🙂

Vacation part II

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Let me see…. where was I?

Cuttyhunk Harbor.
In the height of the summer I bet you can walk on water in that harbor! The moorings are so close and they say,”$40 per boat”. So I’m guessing they raft up and with the proximity of the moorings… well you might be able to walk from boat to boat and not get your feet wet!

It was after Labor day when we were there. And good ‘ole’ Florence was out in the ocean keeping things a bit stirred up prior to our visit. Not too many folks visiting the harbor that week.

The weather promised rain for Thursday and we were ready! Armed with a couple of books we enjoyed the leasure of a good read.
Friday we were antsy, and to heck with the rain, we were headed back to Narragansett Bay. What a fun ride! We were pretty wet but not TOO cold. the waves were coming from behind and from the port side. 4 to 6 feet. A little more than rolling but not a tough chop to contend with. We had a following wind and made 4 knots with just the main up.
One trip below was enough for me! But Bill went below and made lunch and checked weather and the radio. He is truely amazing!
I wish we had taken photos on Friday. The seas were interesting. We were busy sailing and pretty tired when we arrived at Dutch Island Harbor and dropped anchor.
Saturday morning was beautiful! The sun was warm and not a cloud in the sky! We dried out a bit then sailed under the Jamestown Bridge. Not enough wind to get us home so we cranked up the engine. We were on our own mooring by 4 or 5 Sat night.

Vacation September 2006

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

I want to post a photo from our vacation but I really am having trouble choosing just one!

We packed up on Saturday the 9th and turned our trusty boat, Sunrise, toward the mouth of the Sakonnet River. In our haste, we forgot our cell phone along with a few other things we thought we might like to have along. We listened to reports of small craft warnings for the next few days in RI Sound and Vinyard Sound. Our first port of call was to be Cuttyhunk. After a fine sail up to 3rd Beach in Newport, we dicided being stuck in Cuttyhunk Harbor for 3 or 4 days with little sailing might not be the best use of our vacation time. We turned around and headed back to our mooring.

Sunday, after having retrieved the cell and a few other necessary items, we sailed Mt. Hope Bay. It was beautiful and clear with 10 to 15 kt winds and not alot of chop. We watched the races on the bay then headed to Potter’s Cove, Prudence Island.

We had never actually spent the night in Potter’s Cove and were in for a real treat. We could hear the wind blowing from the north but we road easy as if it were a calm night at the mooring we had pulled. In the morning we saw that someone had gone aground on a sand bar on the right side of the harbor as you enter. As we contemplated how we could help them get free, they very neatly raised their jib and started the motor and as the tide rose they worked themselves free. 🙂 Good to see the theories in acton!

After a choppy motor to our home mooring, we took some essentials and disembarked to spend the next few nights at home.

By Wednesday, Florence was well off the coast and not causing any more small craft advisories. Once again we were bound for Cuttyhunk.

We finally made it! (Two years comming… but that’s another story.)

We motored out and picked up a mooring in Cuttyhunk Harbor. After securing a borrowed motor to our dingy, we made way for Cuttyhunk Island. What a cute place! I was glad to finally see the island Bill had said was so cool. Most everything was closed and not many folks around but very enjoyable views and landscape.

to be continued….

High Tide at Moon Rise

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Click on picture for larger look.

Moon rise on the Sakonnet River

at sunset September 6, 2006.