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Another spring like day.

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Will there be treats?

She got cold Then she got into it

Monday, February 26th, 2007

I took this comfy snoozing dog and asked her to accompany me out side to take photos of my snowman. 🙂

She got cold

Then she got into it.

Snow today !

Monday, February 26th, 2007

It was “packy” snow.
And I know the drive needed to be cleared.
But, it was “packy” snow.

NC February 7 to February 13, 2007

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

My boss took a week, closed the office, and chartered a sail boat in the BVI.

Finding myself with a week off and a sum from Christmas, I checked out the flights to NC to visit Kate and Patrick. The price was right. And though I was afraid they would be ready for me to leave before a week was up, the dates were right for that price! ( You know something about fish and house guests and three days……) I risked it!

And I’m glad I did! I think they both still like me. LOL

I arrived in Raleigh at 11 or so in the morning of Wednesday, Feb 7th. Kate picked me up at the airport and we headed for Clayton. Along route 40 the inner beltway, I spotted a sign for Cary and mentioned that at some point I would like to see the condo they stayed in when they first moved to NC. Kate said , no time like the present, ( or something implying that) and cut across the highway and we exited to Cary.

Cary looks like a very nice town. The condos we saw on the way to theirs were Very Nice. After turning into the condo complex I was impressed. The road wound through some tall NC pines with condos sprinkled here and there. We went by the pool and the laundry. Kate and Patrick had a unit at the end of the culdesac. Behind their building is a greenway. ( Bike path, to Rhode Islanders) It looked like a pleasant place for a walk and Kate testified that she found it very pleasant. She saw birds and plants that she had never seen in New England. Behind and a bit to the right was a fenced in area that looked like a basket ball court, but in fact, was a hockey court! Interesting! No one was out shooting goals, but I would have liked to have seen it in use!

From Cary we got back on the highway and proceeded to Clayton. We stopped at the market and stocked up on “Mom friendly food” and a few things I had not wanted to pack.

We put the groceries away and examined some of Kate’s wares on sale at . I exclaimed that the web site did not do the owl cards justice! They are really detailed and the papers have so much texture and some have sparkles!
Kate was all concerned. She wanted to know how she could capture the items in a better way. I don’t think you can. Don’t get me wrong. Her photos of the items are great, it’s just that it is tough to get 3 dementional art to ‘shine’ in a 2 dimensional format. You just gotta see her stuff to REALLY appreciate it.
The baby quilts are so cuddly and the fabrics so sweet! But I digress….

Before dinner we donned our ‘crummy’ sneakers and headed out for a walk around the neighborhood. It is quite hilly in her neighborhood! We didn’t need our ‘crummy’ sneakers as we stayed on the roads. Well, we did go into one of the new homes that was left open as it is not finished yet and that yard was full of red NC soil. But it was pretty dry, not at all muddy. It is fun to see the homes that are just studs and wires. You imagine where the kitchen and laundry are and which one is the master bedroom…. and check out the views from the windows. Cool.

Let me see. I think we made ‘chicken I make’ version 1 or 2 ( LOL )with some broccoli and maybe mashed potatoes. Kate had cranberry sauce. Anyway, Pat came down from work… (Work being upstairs in the office) and joined us, but had to return to finish up a freelance job he was working on. Kate and I had most of the evening to chat and continue getting caught up.

Moses and Zoe were very friendly toward me… maybe remembered me?

Yikes! this is enough for today! I will post more another day. Plus, I need to confer with Kate as to what days we did what! LOL
Suffice it to say I had a wonderful time.

I’m so Confused!

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
I tried to post a comment on Kate and Patrick’s web site.

[of course I did not copy the comment before I lost it!]

I signed in as a blogger with my e-mail address and it just couldn’t verify me! And, yet, here I am at my blogger site, blogging away.


Blog about my trip to NC, I must.


I made it home on Tuesday, but my boss got waylayed in the BVI on Tuesday, due to snow up north. So I got another day of vacation !

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I will do a post about North Carolina fun at a later date. 🙂

to rockland ave

Friday, February 9th, 2007