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Jack 8 Weeks

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Two months?

All that waiting and now the time is just flying by.

Just had to get my weekly photo op. Spent a little quality time with Jack’s Mom and by the time I got the camera out, Jack was back to “sleepy time.” Though you can’t see them , his eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. 🙂

Does this woman appear to be happy about being a “grand ma”?

For My Squirrel

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

My tomato plant is looking pretty good.
I will have a nice harvest for the Squirrel soon. 🙂
There are two tomatoes and at least two more flowers headed toward fruit!

Speaking of squirrels ….
If you want a Halloween costume that will last you your entire life, ask Gram to make you a squirrel costume. 🙂
Cory did just that when she was just a bit of a girl. It still fits! LOL
What a great sense of humor that girl has!
In all fairness I should also present a more flattering photo of such a beautiful niece.
Enough about squirrels for now. 🙂

A few more “faves” from Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Emily and Martha.

Hamming it up!

Anne, her Mom, and her two Jacks. 🙂

Nancy Wallbillich and her grandson, Jack.

The ‘clean-up’ crew.

Great Gram Lund playing with Jonathan Jack.

Thanksgiving 2007

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

The two Jack’s finally meet.
Jack Lagrow is 5 months old, born on June 20th.
Jack Wallbillich is 7 weeks old, Born on October 4th.

Bill and I were blessed to have 21 guests dine with us for Thanksgiving dinner. Family and friends. Folks we have not seen in a while and some we see at least once a week. It was so much fun to watch the younger generation interact, connect and some re-connect.
Here The Boksenbaums posed for the camera.

Jack’s Thanksgiving outfit.

Fancy new dishes!

Uncle Walt gets a welcome kiss from Cory.

Will entertains the co-eds.

The “pose”

Uncle Walt, Great Grammie, and Jack.

Three out of 4 Lagrows

The “no talking” game.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving. We certainly had fun!

6 Weeks

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Casey keeps guard.

Great Photo

Monday, November 12th, 2007

I’ve been working on the 2008 calendar.
I came across this photo in Josh’s collection from Julie and Jerimey’s wedding.
Isn’t this a great photo?
I love it!
The angles! Kendyl’s dress and the white chair.
The violinist’s arm and the chair.
Keegan’s legs and Kendyl’s dress, and then you have those wonderful hydrangia!
Good job Josh!

Here’s one for the Garden Geek. :)

Friday, November 9th, 2007

With Christmas 45 days away, my Christmas cacti are going to town. Sometimes one will bloom for Thanksgiving, but this year they will be done by then!
Maybe they will bloom again for Easter.

5 Weeks

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Kim and Anne needed someone to babysit for Jack. 🙂
Great Grammie and Grammie Cass were more than happy to help.
Kim left us a feeding of milk and off they went.
The “Grammies” honed their skills.

Hey! That was MY tomato !

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Waaaaay back in the spring my boss gave me a couple of tomato plants that a friend of his had given to him. They were small and by the time I got a pot for them, I guess they were a bit stunted.

All summer long I had them in this pot in the special garden I made along the side of the house. In September I noticed a tiny tomato forming on one of the plants.
When the cold nights warned of frost I brought the pot in. This morning I took a photo of the plant to show my boss, so we could get a laugh at the small reward I was getting from the plant.

Then since it was going to be warm enough and sunny, I thought I ought to put the plant on the deck to enjoy the sunshine.
Shortly, I got Hershey’s leash and went to be sure the door was unlocked so we could enter from either the front deck or the back deck.

There was a squirrel sitting on the deck rail eating a green orb.
I couldn’t imagine what I had on the deck that he could have found.
I sent Hersh out to chase him away. Hersh didn’t even SEE him!
It was my tomato! That darned squirrel was eating MY TOMATO!
I chased him off the deck!
He retreated to the security of our large Elm Tree to enjoy my tomato.

Now it is HIS tomato. 🙂

4 Weeks and 1 day

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Jack is already 4 weeks old!
Here he is decked out in his Halloween outfit.