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Monday, November 30th, 2009

Someone sent me a link to another video and I ran across this.

I liked it. 

couldn’t figure out how to share it!  LOL

So I’m trying this:

Nights in White Satin


Sunday, November 29th, 2009

2009-11-25 Pecan Pie 002

This year Bill and I celebrated the feast with my sister’s extended family.

We brought GG.

There were cousins and cousin-in-laws aplenty:  One of  Milton’s brothers, Edward and his wife and daughters, Milton’s Dad,  and a couple of sons of Walter’s.  And, of course, to our delight, Leah and Cory. A fun lively time!

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving at Chows' 002


2009-11-26 Thanksgiving at Chows' 003

Making the ‘gravey’.

2009-11-26 Thanksgiving at Chows' 018

 Serving up the dessert.


2009-11-26 Thanksgiving at Chows' 033

Thank goodness for timers on cameras!


2009-11-26 Thanksgiving at Chows' 034


The Post Thanksgiving Dinner Nap.

GG’s Digs

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

For those of you who have not yet had a chance to visit GG in her new home, here are a few snaps of the place.  We still need to hang photos and curtains, but for the most part, all the furniture is settled.  Oh, I may bring my plant stand over for her.  That is if it will fit. 🙂

2009-11-19 Pie Race 011


Jan and GG picked out the table and chairs at Christmas Tree Shop.  We needed Kim and Anne’s car to actually get it to GG’s new home.  She loves the way the table and chairs coordinate with the kitchenette.

I hope to get the other 3 chairs built soon.  🙂

2009-11-19 Pie Race 012

This is a look at the living room.  And now another view…..

2009-11-19 Pie Race 013


Her favorite perch…..

2009-11-19 Pie Race 015


And the view from that perch. 🙂

2009-11-19 Pie Race 014


Oh Yeah!  GG was all about the ‘big screen TV”.  Gotta keep up with the 21st century.

Pie Race

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

With autumn comes the ECB Pie Race.

I have a few cute photos of GG, Kim, and Jack, but check Kim’s site ( the link is: on the side of my post)  for a video of the start of the race!  You’ll get a surprise!

2009-11-19 Pie Race 001

GG’s chauffeur was Clive. 

Kim Jack and I “walked” the course this year…. we started small.

2009-11-19 Pie Race 003


It was fun.  But, really, check Kim’s site for more photos.

After pie and cider we all headed to our respective homes.  Good times!

2009-11-19 Pie Race 004


O.K. Kim and Jack.  Next year do we run?  🙂

2009-11-19 Pie Race 006

Progress & Pumpkin

Sunday, November 15th, 2009


2009-10-30 update on construction 005

2009-11-5 neighbor's house and Kim w Jack 012

2009-11-5 neighbor's house and Kim w Jack 0062009-11-15 weeks end 002

2009-11-15 weeks end 0082009-11-15 weeks end 009

2009-11-15 weeks end 0112009-11-15 weeks end 020

Good night 🙂

Halloween 2009

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Trick or Treat ?

This year we had the pleasure of accompanying Jack on his first trick or treat foray.

While we did the ‘hoofing around’ with Jack, we had a very special person ‘hold down the fort’ and hand out the candy.

2009-10-31 Halloween 009


And a fine job she did!

2009-10-31 Halloween 003


Unfortunately, ding bat, Grammie still had her camera set on landscape so most of our photos from this auspicious occasion came out blurry. 🙁

After some ‘warm up’ trick or treat trips to the front doors of neighbors, we stopped at the community hall for refreshment.

2009-10-31 Halloween 014

Along the way we were stopped by the local constabulary.  He asked if we had light sticks.  We were all a bit worried that we would be banned from the treating with out them … or worse we were all headed to the ‘slammer’!

No worries!  he was offering some light sticks to US! 

Jack is wearing that nice light stick in this photo. 🙂

2009-10-31 Halloween 016

2009-10-31 Halloween 017


Enjoying the fruits (er… candy) of Jack’s labor.


2009-10-31 Halloween 019


It was fun.