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New Years 2010

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Better late than never?


I found the photos of our trip to VT for Christmas/ New Year.

So happy. 🙂

Must share.

Well there were 140 photos.  I put them on shutter-fly and sent them around.  I doubt anyone actually opened the lot of them, so I will pick out just a few highlights.

2010-1-1 to 3 012Our youngest grandson, Kaison and his dad, Jerimey.  All smiles.

2010-1-1 to 3 005Our star performer, Will.

2010-1-1 to 3 051Jack-Jack concentrates on a big one!

2010-1-1 to 3 041

2010-1-1 to 3 059

2010-1-1 to 3 070

2010-1-1 to 3 110

Great looking group!

There was snow in VT for the new year.

I  should also note here that Bill and Tina ran a 5 K on New Years Day.  It was early and cold and snowy.  No one volunteered to go and  photograph the Herculean event.   Not even me!

All in all it was a fine visit.  A great way to start 2010.

2010-1-1 to 3 140

Happy New Year!

2010-1-1 to 3 037

Missing Someone Special

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The other day, Jan, Leah, and Cory were visiting GG.  I popped in for a while to enjoy the visit. 

We were chatting and I told a story about Ed.  I ended it with the comment,

” Well you know Gramps!”

Leah said, “No, I don’t”.

What sorrow I felt.  These two grand kids never had a chat with their Gramps.

Dylan is in the same boat!  At least he has Beth and Nathanael to tell their stories of Gramps.

I guess I need to tell them more stories about him.  Can I do it with dry eyes?

(couldn’t write this post with dry eyes)


People still tell me how much they loved my Dad.  (usually  some kid that was always in trouble at Peck)  Sometimes it will be someone from church.  But there is always someone when I am in Barrington that will say, Hello, I remember your Dad.  He treated me well; he made me laugh; I admired him; then I hear a wonderful story.

There will come a time when people won’t come up to me and say,” Your Dad was the greatest.”   .  The folks that knew him will be gone.

I hope I carry his sense of fun, his ability to laugh at himself, and unconditional love within me.  I hope I can transmit it to those who never met “Caesar”.