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Jack’s New Playground

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Here is a look at Jack’s new fabulous “swing set”.

He calls it his playground.

And maybe that is more accurate!

Need I mention that he loves it?

It has “Monkey Barrels” ( more commonly known as monkey bars),  and a slide, along with the swing and glider stuff standard to a swing set. 🙂

Now for the “artsy” photo.

And finally,

the big grin.

From The Deck

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

I was kind of waiting for the new house to be finished before I posted about it again.

But word on the street is that the owner doesn’t expect it to be done before Thanksgiving!

That will be over a year in the making.

What I thought I would do is show our view before and after the new house.

One of our neighbors said the owners  let the Fire Department use the original house for practice.  I don’t think the house was ever ignited. Maybe they just practiced punching “vent” holes in the roof.

We can see the trees on the sky line. 🙂

That was then.

This is now.

It’s pretty big.   But the “code” for building in this neighborhood (so close to the coast line) now is that the first  floor (the living space)  has to be at elevation 17 ft.

That puts your first floor pretty high up.  The ground level has to have  “break away” walls.  It is because of potential hurricane wave action.   Looked at that way, the house is not ridiculously large.

Any way.

From where I usually sit at the dining table….. I see the new house. 🙂  It’s lovely.

How about an update of Christine’s cottage?

This was then:

This is now:

We sold Christine’s Cottage on June 25th.

Marcia and Gary have made some much needed landscape changes.  Including some fabulous lighting.

The new owners of Christine’s Cottage are very nice.

Their home is about 35 minutes away in MA.  This is their week end get away home.  They are pleased with the yard, in awe of the view, and are enjoying the casual comfort of the neighborhood.  Very friendly couple.  We are so great-full to have them for our new neighbors. 🙂  They have no intention of creating a McMansion in place of the cottage.

Late July Guests

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

The race is over.  The visiting done.  Been to the beach.  Enjoyed the wading pools. Cool breezes under the Elm.

Packed up a weeks worth of memories,  smiles and fun.  Thinking of plans for next year. Races to be run, swum, biked. 😉

Seems I get photos of the little ones but not the parents.


I grabbed the kids before they left for GA and VT..

Got  a couple of group photos of the grand kids while I was at it.

A bit like herding cats, I believe.

Must include Gramps, too!

Found Photos

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Just happened to be deleting old e-mail when I found some cute photos from March.

And July!  LOL

An address in Boston.

The camping event of the summer!

Good night!