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The Latest Edition!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

We have a new grandson!

Benjamin arrived on Tuesday, Jan. 18 along with a bunch of snow!

His Moms had to arrive early at the hospital for his scheduled arrival.

There was quite a bit of snow that day and the boys went out and cleared the drive way.

Tuesday night, Kate, Chris, Ted, Jack, and I took a ride to the hospital to see the new bambino.

On the way we stopped at Jackie’s Galaxy for some splendid food.

I told Chris I thought things went well…. no one spilled his milk. 🙂

Ben was a bit chilly after his birth, so we couldn’t hold him right away.  Kim was keeping him warm.

Auntie was the first (besides Anne and Kim of course!) to hold Ben.  From the looks of it he enjoyed it.

Oh!  There will be lots more to follow.

You can also check Kim’s and Anne’s  site for some excellent snaps of Ben.

The Great Composer

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

This is  a photo of a very cute composite (I think so, anyway) that Kim, Anne, and Jack made for me last Mother’s Day or birthday. (I forget which)

When Jack was first born and I started my Thursday, ‘Grammie Day’, there were times he needed a bit of walking to get him settled for a nap.  So I started singing, ‘1,2,3 -1,2,3 This is Jack and this is me.  Oh how happy we can be 1,2-1,2,3’.

And thus started my career as a song writer. (LOL)

Of course there is lots of room in that simple song for improvisation.  And , of course I was up to the task.


Then Ted was born.  Kate had to have her own song for Ted.  Man!  She would not settle for a riff of the trusty 1,2,3 song.  So I was put to the task of something unique for Ted.  That was when ‘My name’s Edward call me Ted’ came into being.

Then just for fun I stole the tune from West Side Story to ‘When Your a Jet Your a Jet all the way’ (and so on and so forth)

This tune lent itself well to “When your a Jack

Your a Jack all the way

To your first yogurt snack you said ‘hip-hip hooray!’

When your a Jack

You’re a family man

You’ve got family around

You’ve got Kim, you’ve got Anne

One you call your Mommie, one you call your Mama

Everybody knows that they voted for Obama. ”

After that I kind of lost the tune!  LOL

Well, I guess Kim was so impressed with my creations, she made that cute composite of my songs and the two boys I had immortalized in song.

And why am I bringing this up  now?

For starters, I had some time on my hands waiting for Kim to awaken.  And second, the realization that on Tuesday,  Benjamin will be born and I imagine Ted, Jack, Kate, and Kim will be poking me and saying,

“Ben’s song?”

I’d better get busy!

VT in May

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Bill and I went to VT for Tina’s 1/2 Marathon race last May.

I was just looking at photos and found this one.

Will ……swimming in the 21st century.

Jack-Jack …….swimming in the ’50’s.


Or maybe the 70’s we didn’t have ‘jam’ bathing suits in the 50’s.

Christmas/New Year 2011 in VT

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

We think we have found the perfect tradition (2 years in a row) for the holidays.

Christmas Eve and morning in Portsmouth and New Years in VT.

On New Years Day they hold a 5 K run in Burlington called “The First Run”.

Tina has asked Dad to participate with her.  So it makes a perfect time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the families from the North. 🙂

We pack up Great Gram Lund and head north for  lots of fun visiting,

learning new games,

and great food.

We also find some things “Santa” left in in his bag.

A really fun week end !

Happy New Year !