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Edward Barrett Pie Race

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

This year Gram was recovering, very nicely,  I might add,  from bronchitis.

So Kim,  Jack,  and I were on our own to be the “Barrett” representation at the race.

The weather man had promised rain and wind.  The rain had cleared out early in the day, not to return until evening. But the wind kept up just the same.  Fortunately, it wasn’t terribly cold.

I didn’t get too many photos.  I’m sure the official photographer from St. Andrews got some good stuff.

Race is over. Now it is time for pie. 🙂

Jack getting the best from a playground designed for 8 and older.

(Paul and Jan, Remember the old monkey bars?)

Bringing home a pie for GG.

Another Pie Race run.

Last Friday, October 15th.