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Happy Birthday Jim!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Bill and I attended a celebration for Jimmy.

Seems he and Anne share the same date.  We were able to spread out the festivities over 2 days. 🙂

Pizza was on the menu and Bev made a luscious chocolate cake.  For ice cream she found Ben and Jerry’s in small cups like “Hoodsies”!

The cake and ice cream,


and we learned a new game of cards. 🙂

All in all a pretty nice celebration!

Happy Birthday Jim.

Mothers’ Day 2010

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

There were 5 Mothers at our Mothers’ Day gathering.

But it was all about me, right?

Well, these are the only photos I have!  I didn’t get behind the camera at all that day.  I don’t know what is wrong with me lately.

Any way.

My daughters were too generous!  and there were wonderful gifts from them all.

Kim,  Anne,  and Jack put together a  gift that brought me to tears.

Well, at first it was astonishment, but then tears.

You see, I have made up some songs that I sing to Jack and Ted.  The boys are learning them!  But the most astonishing thing is that Kim put them together in this adorable collage.

Oh!  I did actually get behind the camera for a few photos of Jack in his spiffy, black suit jacket.

I apologize to all the other Mothers at our party, Ruth and Pat and Kim and Anne.  I do wish I had taken a few more photos.  I always like a good group photo and I just didn’t get it together.

Hope all had a great day, and didn’t get blown away by all that wind!

Happy Spring.