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Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The kids came to town for the 90th birthday party and stayed for Halloween.


First a little pre-Trick or Treat party.

Attended by Snow White!

The kids got all decked out in great costumes.

Now we are ready to go …..

To the Hall for a group photo.

We had a couple of Witches, 2 guys from a Swat Team,  Batman,  a hippie type,  Snow White,  a Frankenstein Monster,  and a LOBSTER!

One very cute Lobster!

Sporting “light sticks” and buckets for goodies we were off and running!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Pre-birthday Gathering

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Kate and Ted flew into Boston for the big event. 🙂

Auntie opened her home to us.  We met in the Boston Garden and the boys had a great time at the playground.

The boys loved the city.

With Halloween around the corner, Jack tried out a monster hat.

The boys loved the stairs at Auntie’s .

Shopping at Whole Foods. 🙂

Next stop? Grammie’s!

(to be continued)

Halloween 2009

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Trick or Treat ?

This year we had the pleasure of accompanying Jack on his first trick or treat foray.

While we did the ‘hoofing around’ with Jack, we had a very special person ‘hold down the fort’ and hand out the candy.

2009-10-31 Halloween 009


And a fine job she did!

2009-10-31 Halloween 003


Unfortunately, ding bat, Grammie still had her camera set on landscape so most of our photos from this auspicious occasion came out blurry. 🙁

After some ‘warm up’ trick or treat trips to the front doors of neighbors, we stopped at the community hall for refreshment.

2009-10-31 Halloween 014

Along the way we were stopped by the local constabulary.  He asked if we had light sticks.  We were all a bit worried that we would be banned from the treating with out them … or worse we were all headed to the ‘slammer’!

No worries!  he was offering some light sticks to US! 

Jack is wearing that nice light stick in this photo. 🙂

2009-10-31 Halloween 016

2009-10-31 Halloween 017


Enjoying the fruits (er… candy) of Jack’s labor.


2009-10-31 Halloween 019


It was fun.