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March Birthdays in VT

Monday, March 28th, 2011

What a wonderful fun filled weekend!

Bill and I arrived in town on Friday night.  Todd led us to the boys’ day care facility and Jack gave us a guided tour of the place.

Pizza for supper!

Will had to attend one last rehearsal for his part in the Odyssey of the Mind competition to be held the next day.

Saturday morning, Will was out early with Todd to meet his team at the school that held the Annual State Tournament.

As there was not much for  a 2 or a 3 year old to do while waiting for our boy to preform, we headed for the Echo Aquarium in Burlington.

Then off to the Odyssey of the Mind!

Here is a “taste” of the production Will and his collaborators presented:

The ‘Shrink-o-lator Three Thousand’ created by our very own engineer, Will. (displayed by one of his classmates)

Will had a sleep over birthday party date for Saturday evening.

So, the rest of us had a nice dinner in St. Albans.

Back at “the ranch”  on Sunday morning, Tina prepared a luscious Birthday Celebration Brunch.

First course? Nice presentation!

Here’s Jack “sitting” at the table. 🙂

I don’t think Jack actually has a lap!

Cake is coming right up!

And gifts 🙂

Happy Birthday everyone.

And Happy Trails to you!

Christmas/New Year 2011 in VT

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

We think we have found the perfect tradition (2 years in a row) for the holidays.

Christmas Eve and morning in Portsmouth and New Years in VT.

On New Years Day they hold a 5 K run in Burlington called “The First Run”.

Tina has asked Dad to participate with her.  So it makes a perfect time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the families from the North. 🙂

We pack up Great Gram Lund and head north for  lots of fun visiting,

learning new games,

and great food.

We also find some things “Santa” left in in his bag.

A really fun week end !

Happy New Year !


Sunday, November 7th, 2010

The kids came to town for the 90th birthday party and stayed for Halloween.


First a little pre-Trick or Treat party.

Attended by Snow White!

The kids got all decked out in great costumes.

Now we are ready to go …..

To the Hall for a group photo.

We had a couple of Witches, 2 guys from a Swat Team,  Batman,  a hippie type,  Snow White,  a Frankenstein Monster,  and a LOBSTER!

One very cute Lobster!

Sporting “light sticks” and buckets for goodies we were off and running!

Happy Halloween 2010!

Kaison is 2 !

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Happy Birthday! Luck #7!

Happy Birthday Kaison. 🙂

Whale Tail Triathlon

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

And now the Tale.

Swim,  Bike,  Run.

Josh,  Bill,  Tina.

The event was held in New Bedford,  MA

First you park your bike.

Then you get your numbers painted on.

Then Jules shows up. 🙂

More spectators arrive to cheer on Josh, Tina and Gramps.

The participants are ready for the event.

Well, almost.

It is back to the transition area to prep your clothes and bikes for a quick change from swim gear to riding gear to running gear.

And they are OFF!

The swimming out of the way!

Josh is out of the water first.

Followed by Tina.

Then our Gramps!


Fidgety widgets.

More fidgety stuff.

Off the swimmers  go to their bikes and three times around the loop.

And the photo finish!

Waiting for Gramps.

Here he comes … with his posse.

Ta- Da!

Great finish!

Selections from the Lund Girls’ Visit

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

What is a visit to  Gramps & Grammies’ without a trip to the water to throw rocks?

Gramps helps Kaison find the right stone for tossing in the river.

Kaison at the wheel.

Time to cool off.

Quiet time with Gramps.

Keeping cool in the “reading pool”.

Now a trip to Second Beach.

But we got rained out! ! ! ! !

Thunder , lightening, the works!

The VT group was expected on Monday.

To be continued………….

New Years 2010

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Better late than never?


I found the photos of our trip to VT for Christmas/ New Year.

So happy. 🙂

Must share.

Well there were 140 photos.  I put them on shutter-fly and sent them around.  I doubt anyone actually opened the lot of them, so I will pick out just a few highlights.

2010-1-1 to 3 012Our youngest grandson, Kaison and his dad, Jerimey.  All smiles.

2010-1-1 to 3 005Our star performer, Will.

2010-1-1 to 3 051Jack-Jack concentrates on a big one!

2010-1-1 to 3 041

2010-1-1 to 3 059

2010-1-1 to 3 070

2010-1-1 to 3 110

Great looking group!

There was snow in VT for the new year.

I  should also note here that Bill and Tina ran a 5 K on New Years Day.  It was early and cold and snowy.  No one volunteered to go and  photograph the Herculean event.   Not even me!

All in all it was a fine visit.  A great way to start 2010.

2010-1-1 to 3 140

Happy New Year!

2010-1-1 to 3 037

Our Newest Valentine

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


On February 14th Bill and I ventured north to visit Julie and Kaison.


Julie said that the monkey was his favorite toy at the moment. It sings “If You are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”. And it claps it’s hands! Very cute. But not as cute as Kaison. 🙂


The visit was WAY too short, but we enjoyed every minute!


Four months old today!