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2/24/11 — 2/27/11 In GA

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Kendyl is growing up so fast.  (Or so her Northern grand parents think.)

Bill and I packed up and headed to GA to help celebrate Kendyl’s 8th birthday.

Here are some of the highlights.


Karate class

followed by a scrumptious dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

Friday was the circus!  What a fun time.


Then “prep” for the main event, the Birthday Party.

Then off to the stables.

Kendyl selects “Stormy” as her steed.

Jase ready for a ride around the ring.

Great party!

Here comes the cake.


Bill and I had to depart . The kids came to the airport to see us off.

I had to head home.

Bill, on the other hand,  headed to Yellowstone for some snowmobiling!

Late July Guests

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

The race is over.  The visiting done.  Been to the beach.  Enjoyed the wading pools. Cool breezes under the Elm.

Packed up a weeks worth of memories,  smiles and fun.  Thinking of plans for next year. Races to be run, swum, biked. 😉

Seems I get photos of the little ones but not the parents.


I grabbed the kids before they left for GA and VT..

Got  a couple of group photos of the grand kids while I was at it.

A bit like herding cats, I believe.

Must include Gramps, too!

Whale Tail Triathlon

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

And now the Tale.

Swim,  Bike,  Run.

Josh,  Bill,  Tina.

The event was held in New Bedford,  MA

First you park your bike.

Then you get your numbers painted on.

Then Jules shows up. 🙂

More spectators arrive to cheer on Josh, Tina and Gramps.

The participants are ready for the event.

Well, almost.

It is back to the transition area to prep your clothes and bikes for a quick change from swim gear to riding gear to running gear.

And they are OFF!

The swimming out of the way!

Josh is out of the water first.

Followed by Tina.

Then our Gramps!


Fidgety widgets.

More fidgety stuff.

Off the swimmers  go to their bikes and three times around the loop.

And the photo finish!

Waiting for Gramps.

Here he comes … with his posse.

Ta- Da!

Great finish!

Selections from the Lund Girls’ Visit

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

What is a visit to  Gramps & Grammies’ without a trip to the water to throw rocks?

Gramps helps Kaison find the right stone for tossing in the river.

Kaison at the wheel.

Time to cool off.

Quiet time with Gramps.

Keeping cool in the “reading pool”.

Now a trip to Second Beach.

But we got rained out! ! ! ! !

Thunder , lightening, the works!

The VT group was expected on Monday.

To be continued………….

Chuck e Cheese

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Kendyl will be 6 years old on Tuesday.
Gramps and I went to GA for the festivities. Josh and Diana hosted this party at Chuck e Cheese.
What a place!
The kids loved it!
So many different things to do!





This was the high light for me! As long as the child peddled the peddles he or she remained aloft. When he or she stopped peddling the craft returned to the floor. The kids loved it!

Kendyl chose dinosaurs as the theme for her party. Great Cake! from Publix.