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1/2 Marathon!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Tina and her friend participated in another Marathon.  This time they split the race with another pair of runners so that they could run together.

Tina and Melissa ran the last half together.   Here they are waiting for the first part of the “the team” to arrive.

Jack-Jack needed to help assemble the stroller.  He got a hold of the tire pump and gave it a whirl.

We never did get the stroller functional, but the kids were real troopers!

Will and Jack-Jack made signs of encouragement for Mom and Melissa.

We had plenty of time to “play” while waiting for the first part of the team to arrive.


An important part of the support team.  🙂

A call from the first 1/2 runners.  They are on their way!

Only one of the runners arrives!  The other woman is having a flare up of her Achilles tendon and is walking !

OH no !

Time for Tina and Melissa to begin.

Waiting for our runners.

Now I’ll finish up with a brief video of the “last leg” of the race.

Untitled from Cass Barrett on Vimeo.

(It was too crowded to actually be at the finish line for photos.)

Great race, Ladies!